Wüste - 1. An Ouverture – do you even 2000s, bro?

An Ouverture – do you even 2000s, bro?


My album 'Ouvertüre' starts with an Overture – possibly cheesy move, I admit it. There have several hudnred years passed since weird characters with strange wigs roamed the earth, writing what has now become the 'canon of classical music'. And still, with everything from the modernist offshoots of Schönberg and the Popular Music Styles that came with and following the Beatles, I am sitting here with my obscure little 'Ouvertüre' thing. What was I thinking? Well, I'm gonna tell ya.

At the time of deciding to compose this piece, I had some years of history with playing the guitar and songwriting – and was rather happy with my results. However, when it came to recording an album of original material, I found that the things I was trying to do somewhat lacked the 'punch' I wanted them to have. After a year of more or less (un-)successfully getting a first version done, there was absolutely nothing left that I liked or could support about my album musically – not a nice place to be. So what did I do? I turned to the musical context and history that my geographic surroundings had to offer – and those were, with me being from Vienna, Austria, primarily classical music. Time to fortify my Jazzrockfusionthingy with a bit of Mozart.


Sounds easier in theory than it acutally is in practice. Since I had no real schooling in 'classical methods of composing', I had to be somewhat creative about it – as well as finding a way to deal with this tradition that somehow referenced it but would still be doable within my reach. Following this demand, I first of all declared this piece the 'instrumental thematic opening' of what was to follow, thereby referencing the practice of making such 'meta-pieces', that sort of comment, lead the story, but technically weren't a part of it. Furthermore, I included Motives, chord progressions and ways of writing melodies and background that in various configurations would be part of the 'actual' story – sort of a pseudo-reference to Wagner's Leitmotifs or the general way counterpoint might present thematic material and later recycle it (although I am personally not a huge fan of fugues and the like).


I contrast to those classical 'things', I however opted to use the in my opinion more poignant formal approach of 'popular music' styles of the last century, by opting to construct short sections with rather precise statements, which are generally followed by a more starkly contrasting other section. I also included improvised solos (inspired by what is generally coined as 'Jazz'), a thematic head that appears both in the beginning and the end (inspired both by the way the Head of a Jazzstandard might be treated or the way Popsongs structure around Verse-Verse-Bridge-Chorus) and sections with little actual 'notemovement', more focusing on the effects of the sound (inspired by various Soundtracks and the way they are written).


Even with all this sophisticated theorizing, it still is my little Jazzrockfusionthingy – after crashing into Mozart and consorten however. All in all it became an opening piece that I am very happy with and like to listen to repeadetly while still being a technically constructed little monster that also fullfills a structural role within the album Trilogy which it opens. So in response to my question in the title – I do indeed 2000s, however with a lot of tricks that I tried to copy from the wigs that came before me.


You can listen to 'Ouvertüre' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7LSDCQxKM#

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