Wüste - 3. Luft - is that jazz Bro?

Luft – Is that Jazz bro?


I really enjoyed writing this tune. After starting the album off with strong statements, I felt like it was in order to lay out something more, dare I say smoothly sounding. Inspired by the idea of what it could be like to just walk through a desert and enjoy the Air and atmosphere (hence the name), I looked around my not-so-deserty surroundings. I started looking for references and inspiration, which given that it was December at the time, was quite an interesting experience to say the least. I do remember vividly listening to a rendition of 'Let it snow' by Michael Bublè (I think), and enjoying the tight little arrangement he got going so much, that I thought what a great idea it would be to make 'Luft' sort of sound like that. I wasn't too keen on transcribing though, and so I set out with some general idea about rhythmic kicks, Avishaiesque Claves and some Odd-meter Swing (cause Jazz).


Following a form not unlike that of many Jazztunes (with thematic material loosely strung up on one side and sections with improvisations on the other), it turned out to be an atmospheric number just the way I had wanted it. Indirectly, it also marked the completion of 'Air Sketches', which was the first piece I ever completed, which was released on 'Shrouded in Sound', the Compilation project you can find here. Interestingly enough, from english sketch to german product, much of the harmony transformed from 'vaguely-Bach-inspired' Thirds into Chords of Fifths and Fourths, since I had gotten the reference for how awesome they sound can sound from various great recordings I listened to at the time (see Brad Mehldau or Esperanza Spalding for reference; also, cause Jazz).


For a while, I also kind of prouded myself for coming up with such a noise-based Solo over the otherwise so atmospheric song. This kind of grew out over time, as most fads do – I do find it funny to look back on those later however, when it becomes just one little solo in the whole pack of work it belongs to – I would really like to insert something very inspiring about the passing of time and meaning here, but I'm afraid I got nothing. I still do really enjoy my album though, as well as this track.

Returning to it after a while is like fresh air you might say (#MadRhymes; cause Jazz).


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