Wüste - 4. Thinning out Evolution - or 'Regen'

Thinning out Evolution – or 'Regen'


At the time of writing 'Regen', I was very much obsessed in evolving Forms from one step to the next – this piece became the first actual music I wrote following this approach. What fascinated me most was the extreme effect it could have on the listener, when after hearing an inital small form and experiencing how it develops, a fully grown out theme would emerge. Ever heard of Steve Vai's 7th songs? I had. Unfortunately I didn't nor do have the technical competence of Vai, so I had to go for a structural sort of development instead of increasing meldoic density – leading me directly to two other people, Avishai Cohen and Arvo Pärt.


Combining the former's dense developmental style with the latter's strong internal melodic-harmonic logic, I came up with the 'evolutional pattern', along the lines of which my themes and soloing backgrounds grow out. A compositional feat I prided myself on for quite a while – and still going strong. And did you notice how atmospheric it sounds? That's what you need a good drummer for – especially in a piece that relies heavily on steadily keeping up an inverted Odd-Meter Pattern that has to sound as if it's pulled from the latest jazzy movie soundtrack.


And did I notice the mix between compositional devices and sound? No? Well, those I like pretty much. Generally, I have a somewhat hard time making a good case for why anybody should actually listen to my music – the only thing I have to go by are my own tastes for that matter. But 'regen' for some reason stands out for me, as it maintained a sort of rare mixture between being original (at least from me looking at my own ouevre), fulfilling its own technical aims and still sounding very good. A lot of things I wrote later in my mind go directly back to this piece, so I believe it maintains its own influence among my music. Which, if you are as interested in my music as I am, is certainly an interesting piece of trivia. And have I mentioned that you can actually buy this incredibly interesting piece of music? Here?


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