Wüste - 6. Nacht - I wrote it at night

Nacht – I wrote it at night!


Welcome to progressive Odd meter Fusion land. Nothing ever feels quite like trying to translate something your coming up with into your surroundings – and writing over 7 minutes of mad Fusion over night and being done around 6 a.m. is quite the unique experience. Now as far as this having translated into the listening experience – I have no idea. I certainly remember it very well and the memory of writing it always keeps coming up when I listen to 'Nacht'.


Composition-wise, 'Nacht' turned out to be one of the most 'progressive' (what a dirty word) I had done up to that point, as it relied on long structural build-ups without ever presenting anything resembling a melodic main theme or anything of the like. Each of the sections however retained a very distinct impression, something I would worry about when not having a strong primary statement. The contrasts between more dense, less dense, soundscapory and soloing areas comes out very well in the finished song (and if they didn't, I certainly wouldn't tell you about it).


When approaching the writing, I didn't have quite as many concrete ideas for how I wanted the piece to sound like, so I just went with a mix of a vague impression of a dark night where you can't see much and some mechanical material I wanted to use at the time (Hybrid chords, some Odd Meter patterns, and some such). And while you find actual reflections of a very sophisticated working process in the compisition itself, listening to it does strike me as if the 'atmospheric intention' (Bonus Points For Bonus Words (BPOBW) is reflected in more ways than I could have wished for.


I don't really know what to say beyong that about it, except maybe - did I mention that I wrote it at night?



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