Born in Vienna in 1990, David Sertl picked up the electric guitar at age 17, and began, inspired by Brian May, looking for his own musical direction.

While growing up with the eclectic musical mix that is Vienna, an interest in music began only to emerge around age 17; following this interest, a guitar was soon picked up, lesson were taken and diverse genres were looked at. While also studying at the Vienna Music Institute (VMI), David began finding the things which would culminate in the release of his first album Overtüre in 2013, featuring seven original instrumental Compositions in a Ambient Fusion style.



Quotes from others in the Music Industry:

"Last year I had the pleasure of meeting David in person in Chicago at a gathering of professional musicians from around the world. Since that time I have interacted with him more on some music business related tasks . What I like about David is that when I am dealing with him I feel like I am dealing not only with a respectful gentleman but also a dedicated professional that is 'on task'. People like David Sertl are a rare breed in that they inspire me to want to be better at what I do merely by their presence.“

Randy Johnson- Guitarist, Clinician, Instructor, Home Recording Consultant


„David Sertl is a wonderful guitar player with a keen compositional imagination. His songs are evocative and take the listener on a mental journey.“

Chris Basener- Instrumental Groove Rock guitarist


"David Sertl is a very imaginative and creative composer with a style that is definitely not of the norm. If you're looking to hear something unique that may catch you off guard at times than David is definitely someone you should check out."
Kwote - Turntablist, Composer and Scratch DJ Instructor